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Environmental Hello! My name is Keith, and I'm excited that you have shown interest in creating an impact on our planet for the better! I've always had a knack for empowering and mentoring others, so trust me, this is going to be such a fantastic experience from start to finish! Combined with my love for the environment and passion for addressing the many issues our planet faces, I'm excited to work with you! This one-on-one environmental coaching combines developing the leader within and funneling the growth towards your specific goal and purpose to create change. We will sit down and explore your areas of interest while moving through different phases towards our end goal, safeguarding our planet. I will provide you with resources and toolkits that you can use to reinforce and continue on that forward path, even after our one-on-one meetings. I'm excited to hear your story and see the impact you will soon make! So I leave you with one question, are you ready?