A Conversation For Change with Think Green Organization

Have you ever wondered how much of a positive impact a group of youths from a small community in Central Africa could have on the planet?

I've been trying to collaborate and connect with someone from across the world who feels just as worried as I am about the varying environmental issues we face. It is essential to amplify voices that sometimes don't have that opportunity. I happened to stumble across an exciting organization called Think Green and was blown away. Based on Cameroon in Central Africa, this location is across the world, as you can get from where I stood. As I sat down to speak with the founder, Ahmed, I was both excited and humbled. This young man embodies what you would expect from an environmental leader and visionary. A creative, motivated, and optimistic person were just a few traits that I began to unpack as we started our conversation.

Our discussion was a flow of optimism, realism, and hope. I asked Ahmed what inspired him to get into the environmental efforts for protection? With environmentalism, the community is an encouraging bunch of like-minded people who inspire, motivate, and support each other. Little to my surprise was Ahmed's response, that of a special appreciation and love for nature.

Now, believe me when I say that I am an advocate for education and the benefits that education provides to an individual and a community at large, which is our planet. I was happy to have such commonality with Ahmed when I asked him how education can play a role in how people could better understand their impact on the environment. Think Green utilizes avenues of campaigns, with a recent and ongoing campaign tackling plastic pollution. In 2020 (pre-covid), the organization had cleaned up more than 55 tons of plastic waste from the environment, recycle, and even transform such waste into ECO-FRIENDLY CHRISTMAS TREES! Talk about creativity in real-time!

Throughout our conversation, we came back to the common word of hope. I knew that everyone had a different idea of how best to protect the planet, but it makes me proud to know that Ahmed and I are not that different. We are connected by the idea that no act too small goes unnoticed. After I had time to sit down after the conversation and reflect, I realized one thing. I wanted to connect with someone across the world at the beginning of the conversation, little to my own realization that we've been connected since the very beginning.

Thank you, Think Green Organization!

Your work and vision are beyond inspiring!

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