A Sit-Down With Our Founder

Updated: May 26

What are you inspired by?

I find inspiration through many different things than I can count on, to be honest. Family, nature, and faith are just a few that I could name right now. However, if I were to choose one example of what inspires me? Nature! Its magnificence is both calming and captivating. Everything about it exemplifies an ever-changing environment that resonates strongly with my entire being. For example, I enjoy hiking because even when you’re standing still in the middle of a forest or jungle, everything around you is very much alive and amplified. Inhaling and exhaling in sync with nature and everything around is a humbling experience. It reminds me that everything is interconnected and that we should always look at the bigger picture of life rather than worry about the little things.

Can you open up a bit about your vision?

I am the creator & founder of the environmental movement “Envitalyfe.” And I always get overexcited simply because not only do I believe in its mission but because of what it represents. The Envitalyfe direction is entirely different, and that’s what excites me about this movement. We are a genuinely personable platform addressing the environmental issues we face collectively through your lens and efforts! The world lens. Envitalyfe concentrates on collaboration and focuses on amplifying our communities’ voices, developing educational structure, and highlighting an individual passion for protecting our environment. As part of such an endeavor, there is nothing more inspiring than hearing, witnessing, and sharing that passion in real-time. We have an ongoing podcast that everyone can tune in and listen to called Envitalyfe | Environmental. I feature new guests, talk about environmental issues that our local communities face and global issues. It’s pretty soulful and informative, with some engaging conversations and uplifting messages. To be honest, I’ve always had a deep respect for nature and believe that we’re all stewards for its protection. Nature continues to be my safe retreat, provides me solitude, and rejuvenates my spirit. I do my best to mirror its resilience, and it has taught me that life is much more than sunrise and sunset. Its beauty has given me new appreciations of life in every encounter of every second. I can’t overemphasize enough how much the world is interconnected. But I want to make it known that Envitalyfe is seeking to positively impact our daily lives that will have a ripple effect upon the rest of the world.


Call me a dreamer, visionary, or what have you, but I believe that the world and all life that call it home can create a future where we live harmoniously interconnected and intertwined. It already is; we need to trace back to that core idea to ensure a healthy future anew.