A Sit-Down With The Founder Of Think Green Organization

The most beautiful part of this environmental journey is meeting and collaborating with fantastic people along the way. The most memorable moments I've shared are those opportunities to work with, learn from, and collaborate with organizations, people, and leaders from all across this world. Therefore, I decided that it was imperative to highlight these incredible organizations and leaders because they absolutely deserve their efforts to be recognized.

Today, I will introduce you to Ahmed, the founder of "Think Green," an exciting environmental organization based in Cameroon, Central Africa.

Environmental Hello Ahmed! What inspired you to start the "Think Green" organization?

I am inspired to conserve nature and doing the right things to protect the environment. What inspired me to get involved in environmental efforts is my love for nature and my passion for seeing the environment return to its best. But, unfortunately, the environment is destroyed every day because of our carelessness, ignorance, and greediness. Think Green is a movement I founded which safeguards the interest of the environment. Based in Cameroon, Central Africa, the organization helps fight climate change and pollution while gathering youths from the corners of the globe to act in motion of the environment.

That's amazing! Wow. What sorts of environmental campaigns or projects is the organization coordinating this month?

The different habits and ways of thinking that someone is going to pick away our trash, or the thinking that it's just one plastic cup or bottle, is not correct. So our organization this month will continue to concentrate on cleanup and education campaigns against plastic pollution and climate change.

It's inspiring to see all the fantastic work that you're doing in your community of Cameroon. How can people get involved to support the organization's work?

It's always nice to have new people join our movement and participate in our activities, either physically or virtually. Each support counts and matters because we're just a group of young, determined youths.

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